Pure Accomplishment

I’ve never done a written blog before and wasn’t sure what to talk about if I ever did write one. Then, I found myself googling and searching Twitter to see what people were saying about my current favorite work out .. Pure Barre.

I really picked up Pure Barre this fall and started going more frequently when I not only noticed the change, but found myself actually liking the classes. Name another type of work out and I’ve tried it — half marathon, triathlon, Bikram yoga, swimming, CrossFit. Until Pure Barre, I never had a work out I truly enjoyed and looked forward to going to.

I love the fact that Pure Barre allows me to set goals for myself, both short and long term. I was so proud of myself when I finally made it through an entire chair exercise without stopping (you all that go to Pure Barre know exactly what I’m talking about). It was hard not to immediately jump around and high-five the teacher — which feasibly would not have been possible due to my awesome, jello-o legs, but in my head, I totally celebrated like I imagine I would if the Bengals or Reds made it past the first round of the playoffs. Now every time I hear, “walk up to the bar, so some part of you touches”, I slightly cringe, but then I welcome the challenge.

I cannot tell you how proud I was of myself when I reached the Pure Barre 100 club. 100 classes seemed so far away when I first started, but little tuck by little inch, I made it! Those outside of Pure Barre likely do not understand the sense of accomplishment felt over a simple pair of socks, but each time I see them, I feel proud all over again. It was a goal I set for myself and a goal I was so happy and proud to reach.

The Pure Barre “experience” is something that I always recommend to people and have successfully gotten a few friends hooked. I love the wonderful teachers who help you through every class and push you to hold on just 10 seconds longer, the other women in the class who’s determination drives you to sink deeper and hold longer and the music .. oh the music, it’s one of my favorite parts of the experience.

Thank you so much to Pure Barre, Cincinnati for helping me to achieve my goals, both big and small. And to those of you who haven’t started yet, are on your way there or are in a Pure Barre league of your own — keep lifting, toning and burning. You never know who you’re inspiring.

Onto 250!


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