My 2015 MLB All Star Week(end) Memories

  • Thursday, July 9. Less than 24 hours until the MLB All Star activities kick off in Cincinnati. It’s crazy to believe it’s almost here, after all of the news coverage and preparation that has been happening around the city, I think everyone is ready. I just picked up my color run race packet, along along with what felt like half of the city. I thought I should do a practice run with my headband while I work

    My MLB All Star color run bandana

    My MLB All Star color run bandana

  • I feel so excited and grateful I am in a city, living in the center of where everything is happening, during such an awesome event! I plan to enjoy every little bit of the festivities that I can and to be absolutely exhausted on Wednesday. In true social media fashion, our group of friends “has to” have a hashtag for us to add to all of our memories. #MLBAllStarMVPS .. here we go!
  • Friday, July 10: It’s on! The city, though covered in rain, is so excited and ready for this weekend. My quick Kroger run also made it clear there are a lot of people ready to party! Ashlee and I went to the All Star event at the Duke Energy Center Friday early evening. The crowds weren’t too bad and there was a ton to see. Great section dedicated to just the Reds history, which was my favorite. A lot of interactive exhibits and displays of the trophies. The Golden Glove trophy is my amazing — so beautiful!
  • I was thrilled to see Pete Rose a part of some of the displays, as he should be. They had a ton of support for this years Reds All Star, Todd Frazier — pretty cool! While we didn’t do any of the interactive exhibits, we made sure to go to every area and corner to see everything. Even someone giving autographs, who was not named “Entrance Only” in Spanish (Ha!). After that, it was a rainy walk home to clean and great ready for Saturday!


  • Saturday, July 11: Rise and shine early! 7.30am and it’s time to go. The streets of the Banks are starting to get busy, with set-up for the block party in full swing. Ashlee, Lindsay and I walked over to Sawyer Point for the start of the Color Run — it was CRAZY busy! 15,000 people! It took around 30/40 minutes to get to the start of the race. They had everyone pushed together and let people go in groups of ~1,000. I was ready to get out of that crowd.
  • The race was great and so much fun! We ran for about 30 seconds, haha, then walked the rest. Even if you wanted to run, it was so compact with people at certain areas, it would have been impossible. My favorite “color” station was the SPARKLES! They could have done a few more of those with no complaints from me. When we finally got to the end, we had to wait in another crowed to get our medals and color packets, but it was worth it. We stayed a bit after for some dancing in the color party chaos! Super fun — beautiful messes everywhere!


  • After the race, we joined hundreds of other back down at the banks for some necessary refueling at Tin Roof. It was now time to rest back up for Saturday night!
  • People started coming over around 4. We did some grilling out, people watching and ate a lot of Jello-O shots! We headed over to the Bengals stadium around 7 — very easy to get in and to our section. They had it organized really well. The opener, Rixton, was great! I knew one of their songs, so that helped. Next up, Demi! I was disappointed when I heard Ariana Grande wasn’t coming, but I was excited to see Demi Lovate, she seems like such a wonderful person. She put on an AWESOME show!! She sang over hours, live and put on a great performance. The crowd seemed to love her as well. She’s got an even bigger fan in me now!


  • At the end of the show they had an awesome fireworks show, which we watched from the patio of O’Malleys in the Alley. Ran into Andy and Max (Annie’s boyfriend) there, it was pretty busy. We stayed there for awhile and a few of the guys from Rixton met up. Their manager is friends with Brandon.
  • We left O’Malleys and headed down to the Banks. We walked in and out of Holy Grail — it was crazy busy! We decided to walk back downtown, which turned out to be even busier. We ended up at Righteous Room for awhile and had a great time hanging out with the guys. They were super chill and friendly. After a few drinks and shots there, it was time for some pizza then heading home to bed. Time to get ready for another day!


  • Sunday, July 12: It’s time for the celebrity softball game! We opted to skip out on the futures game to hit the Pepsi block party and Yard House. We used our awesome FREE TICKETS for the celebrity softball game, which was very entertaining. Snoop was hilarious! Maura, Ashlee, Angie and I stayed for most of the game until the rain started.


  • That night, Jackie, Sarah and I went to the MLB Official All Star Game party. I honestly had no idea what to expect. It was in an old warehouse in an obscure area. When we arrived, they had big spotlights and a red carpet. I had no idea before we went that all of the drinks would be free — thanks, Draft Kings! Most everyone was dressed up and on the way to being super sweaty, since there wasn’t AC. The venue was HUGE and full of people.
  • Macklemore performed and I gotta say, he was pretty awesome. We also ran into Sean Casey and Eric Davis. We saw Bryce Harper from afar, but probably missed most of the celebs/athletes in the side section we didn’t venture to. Finally, at 1.40AM Snoop took the stage! I must say, it was pretty damn cool! He did some of his classics and gave some shout outs to Cincy. We lasted until about 2.30 and decided to call it a night. Memorable night in Cincinnati!


  • Monday, July 15. The BIG events are finally here! I went into work in the morning, Zach and dad met met there. I introduced them to people in the office, then took them to their hotel. They went to Fan Fest and it was back to work for me. I worked from home in the afternoon and got back just in time before a horrible storm! I sat in the bathroom with Hendrix for awhile, while the tornado sirens went off. Thankfully the storm passed and out came the sun!
  • Zach and dad came down to my apartment around 5. The first thing dad told me was how he met Joe Morgan into the elevator at his hotel — he was SO excited! Love to watch him tell the story and see his happiness. We watched some action from the balcony and checked out the zip liners. Dad and Zach walked out onto the balcony and I realized I recognized the song the band was playing. Jimi Hendrix, Angel. We have lyrics from this song on my brothers headstone. I have no doubt that was a sign from our guardian angel.
  • We did a quick zip through the block party then headed into the stadium. You could feel the excitement! We grabbed a quick dinner (pizza for Zach and BBQ for dad and I). A few guys at our table told us that Pete Rose was under the smoke stacks broadcasting, so after we ate we headed over. There he was — dad was SO excited! It was very cool to see him.
  • After that we headed to our seats. Walk the Moon performed before derby, they did a great job! Then Marlana VanHoose sang the National Anthem, it was beautiful. Finally, time for the derby! Anytime Todd Frazier was announced the place went wild. In round one he had a big hurdle to overcome, 13 homers. He did it! The place went wild! We watched Todd make it through to the finals and the stadium was on edge. Could he do it?! He was going to need his extra time if he was going to. With each home run, people got more and more excited. Okay, final 30 starts .. and he does it with his first pitch! FRAZIER WINS!! The place was electric!! Dad, Zach and I had an amazing time. What an incredible experience I will never forget. Congrats, Frazier!


  • After the game, Jackie and I went to a party Billy Hamilton was hosting at at 4EG pop-up bar. It was a pretty cool, different set-up, but not very busy. We had a few drinks, did some dancing and left. All and all, it was a great day!


  • Tuesday, July 14: It’s finally the day for the MLB All Star Game! Coming into work today was not an option, since they have all of the roads and parking garages to our building shut down. I worked from home all day and jumped out on the balcony to enjoy some of the parade. The red carpet was directly outside of my window, so I was lucky enough to have a front row seat. The parade was fairly long and spaced out, but it was great to see Todd Frazier go by to a huge ovation. Also fun to see my friend Blair with his brother Jason Kipnis!


  • After a quick, heavy storm/downpour, Ashlee and I headed down to the block party. We did a quick pit stop in a super packed Tin Roof, then checked out Two Bits. Jackie met up with us there and we headed back up to my apartment and for a last minute, total impulse ticket buy for the game! We were on our way! Outside of my door, there were women handing out “swag-bags” with selfie sticks! Okay, I’m a selfie stick hater, but I must say, we were loving them and got some great pics with it! After people watching from my balcony for a few, Jackie and I headed into the game.
  • The game was, as expected, PACKED! The pre-game was my favorite part of the night. When the introduced the Reds franchise 4, Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, Barry Larkin and last but not least, Pete Rose, it was pretty amazing to see. The place went wild for Pete! Ciara sang a beautiful national anthem and the fly over gave me chills. Overall, the game was pretty uneventful. Kind of hard to compare against the incredible home run derby the night before. Seeing Chapman come in the 9th inning and strike out all 3 batters (12 of his 14 pitches were 100 MPH or more!), was a great thing to watch happen. And don’t think I didn’t whip out the selfie stick for a few pictures — Jackie was mortified! Haha!

IMG_5636 IMG_5608

  • After the game, it was time to pour my body into bed. It was a very long, incredibly memorable 5 days and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been here to experience this a once in a lifetime event.

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