I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed & I Love Them

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but within the past few years, eyebrows have become “all the rage”. Like my reaction to the “mom shorts” trend, I ignored it.

Then, one of my friends got her eyebrows microbladed and I loved her results. I didn’t know what the hell microblading was, but I was in. To the eyebrow bandwagon I jumped!

I did research in my area and found Cincinnati Microblading, a local business with great reviews and results, as shown on their Instagram and Facebook. Once I learned this semi-permanent tattooing lasts for 18 months – 3 years, I signed up.

After my initial consult with Katy, the owner/artist at Cincinnati Microblading, it was time for my first appointment. To be completely honest, I almost canceled. I was worried all day about what my results might be. It’s not that I didn’t trust Katy, but this is my face — what if I ended up like one of “those” girls with ridiculous eyebrows?! Alas, I went. And I’m so glad I did.

The appointment started with Katy and I talking through what I was going for, which I couldn’t stress enough, was a “natural” look. Again, the worry setting in. She then took an instrument that reminded me of something I used in 8th grade math and made marks on my brows to ensure everything was measured correctly.

Up next, time to draw on the outline with a wax pencil. This took some time. Katy would draw on the outline she was going to do, then let me look at it and make changes to get them exactly how I wanted them. We were set and ready for the microblading.

One of the first things people ask me is, “did it hurt?”. Well, it didn’t feel good, but hurt? Not exactly. It feels just like what a small blade on your eyebrows would feel like. Maybe the best comparison would be the feeling of a scratch. However, there is numbing cream, which helps significantly.

The process is extremely detailed, as the artist tattoos each individual hair. Because of this, it takes some time. For my first appointment, I was there almost 3 hours. Then came the moment of truth when Katy handed me the mirror to see the results.

I LOVED them. She made them look exactly how I wanted.

The pictures below show the before and after, and for me, confirms trying to take a close-up picture of your brows gives me a wonky eye. After your first session, you go back for a 2nd touch-up session to tweak them as needed. The 2nd session took a bit less time, since we already had a great start.

My other random microblading thoughts:

  • The healing process after each session is around 10 days. No excessive sweating, direct sunshine on the brows or jumping in a pool. Plan your appointments accordingly (especially the summer time)! Not working out was the worst part of the healing process for me.
  • Know what you want and don’t want. I showed Katy photos of her other client’s brows that I liked so she had great reference.
  • Get darker than you want, knowing they will fade. They will fade quite a bit after the first session and stick much better after the second. But if you want them dark, go darker to prep for that fade.

Lastly and most importantly, if you’re in the Cincinnati area, contact Katy. Not only does she do amazing work, but she is incredibly friendly and professional.

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