Why doesn’t anyone date anymore?

It's Friday night. Do you know where your single friends are? If they are anything like me and my single girlfriends, we probably met up for happy hour, took down a few glasses of wine and some pizza, caught up on the latest gossip, then each returned home for some solo Netflix and chill. Friday … Continue reading Why doesn’t anyone date anymore?


Career Corner: Vet Tech

Name: Tiffany Career: Vet Tech (Vet Technologists and Technicians) Education: Varies per state Environment: Veterinary office or hospital Lifestyle: Days, with potential evening and weekends pending location Salary: Vet Teach salary range Outlook: Vet Tech job outlook (growing much faster than average for all occupations) Job Search: Vet Tech available jobs In a vet tech's words:  Is being a vet tech your … Continue reading Career Corner: Vet Tech